Jyothish M.G., theatre person and director of Sagara Kanyaka, the inaugural play staged at the National Theatre Festival here, said here on Thursday that it was not lack of talent but lack of avenues that had affected the theatre scene in the State.

At a face-to-face programme organised on the sidelines of the festival, Mr. Jyothish said that scriptwriters and theatre artistes were now opting for other media, such as cinema and television serials, because of the bleak prospects of theatre.

“It is very difficult to sustain theatre productions in our State today. Even if you write a play, it is difficult to find artistes to act in it or even find spaces to stage the play. Besides, the monetary gain in theatre is meagre compared to that in other media,” he said. Speaking about Sagara Kanyaka, Mr. Jyothish, an artiste of the city-based Abhinaya Theatre Group, said that it was an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's famous play Lady from the Sea. On the use of video clips on the background, scrolling backgrounds and other multimedia in the play, he said the multimedia production was not a conscious choice. “Using such technology in plays does involve some risk. However, if you can use it carefully and blend it efficiently with the content of the play, the end product can be rewarding,” he said.

Mr, Jyothish said that concerns over use of technology in theatre were not of much relevance as theatre had to be sensitive to the changing times.

T. Parvathy, lead actor of the play who made her theatre debut with it, said that involving in theatre was a fulfilling experience. “I was apprehensive about starting a career in theatre at this point of life. But my experience at Abhinaya has been very fulfilling,” she said. Kesavan, theatre person, was the mediator of the programme.