541 cadets take part in road-safety enforcement drive

“Stop, where is your helmet,” young Edwin asked a biker after waving him down at a junction in the city. The rider, though was taken aback by the question, knew he had to answer this Student Police Cadet (SPC).

As the driver took out a helmet from the vehicle’s box, he faced the second question. “Why are you not wearing it,” asked another SPC. He politely obliged and agreed to follow the road safety rules which were explained to him.

On Friday, around 541 SPCs were deployed in the city on traffic duty. They asked those not wearing helmets to do so and gifted chocolates to those who followed this safety rule. The students, in groups of ten under the guidance of an Inspector, were stationed at various parts of the city in an effort to spread awareness among road users, especially two-wheeler riders.

“We are not imposing any fine. We are only asking them to wear helmets for their safety. With the help of senior officers, we are learning to enforce rules. We also distributed pamphlets containing road safety rules and safe driving practices to drivers,” said an SPC stationed near VJT Hall.

A civil police officer accompanying the SPCs said the surprise checks showed that a good number of people were reluctant to wear helmets in spite of carrying it.

Repeated awareness drives and such activities involving SPCs could definitely change the mindset of the people, he said.