The exponential manner in which e-waste has been piling up in the State calls for a system of participatory management to tackle the problem in urban and rural areas, Satish Sinha, associate director, Toxics Link , has said.

He was inaugurating a one-day workshop on ‘Roadmap for sound management of e-waste in Kerala’ in Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday.

Mr. Sinha said the process needed effective intervention from multiple stakeholders such as the industry and manufacturers, regulators, and the people.

Pointing out that the Pollution Control Board and the people, who were consumers of electronic products, had a greater role in kick-starting a result-oriented process on e-waste management, he said dealing with waste collection assumed prime importance in such a process. Mr. Sinha said the manufacturers of electronic products today possessed the know-how and the capacity to deal with e-waste.

Sasi Kumar, Principal, MET College of Engineering, Mala, in his keynote address, called for investment in hazardous waste treatment and recycling plants.


Much-vaunted schemes end up in the binAugust 14, 2013