The permanent Special Security Zone proposed for the protection of the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple is likely to encompass the entire Fort heritage area lying within a two-km radius of the landmark temple.

Section 91 of the Kerala Police Act empowers the government to notify an area as a special security zone on the recommendation of the State police head.

In such a zone, the government may restrict construction, digging, laying of overhead power lines, subterranean pipes, and also the movement of people, vehicles and objects.

The police on Thursday commenced the inspection of all buildings in the vicinity of the temple to devise a multi-layered security scheme to guard the treasures found in its subterranean vaults. It visited nearby homes and recorded the names of permanent residents.

The Revenue Department will help them identify the tenants/owners of other structures close to the temple in the heavily built-up heritage area. The government is likely to restrict the regular filming of television serials in some heritage buildings near the temple.

According to the police, an organisation known for its divisive political agenda has its offices inside these old buildings. It has allegedly altered the interior of the structure and uses it as living quarters for its activists.

The police are also re-examining a case relating to the seizure of ivory tusk from a car parked in front of organisation's office a few years ago.

Investigators suspect that one of the accused in the case had orchestrated an attempt to attack the litigants who approached the Supreme Court to enumerate the treasures in the temple.

The police forensic and anti-sabotage teams will soon inspect certain premises in the locality to verify an information that crude explosives were stored in their precincts till recently.