Seeks an early hearing of the case

Seeking an early hearing of the Vilappilsala case, the State government on Friday informed a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court that the law and order situation was highly volatile in Vilappilsala Panchayat, after the successful transportation of machines to the garbage treatment unit there for setting up a leachate plant.

Life stalled

In an affidavit, the government said the agitation of the people had literally stalled life in the whole of Vilappilsala Panchayat. The government had called for an all-party meeting next week for finding a settlement to the problem.

The case was now posted to November 19 for hearing. In view of the new developments, the government sought to advance the hearing date of the case.

The State government also pointed out that the police were able to successfully transport the machineries needed for the setting up of the leachate plant to the Vilappilsala unit.

The local people had launched a widespread agitation against the government immediately after the police action.

Hartal was observed for two days. Panchayat president S. Shobhana Kumari, who went on a fast, had been hospitalised. It was, therefore, highly essential in public interest that the hearing be advanced and an order urgently passed in the case.