A section of residents of Vivekananda Colony in the city blocked a road near AKG Centre in the city with garbage bags on Thursday to protest against the alleged negligence of city Corporation's Clean Well units in collecting garbage from the colony.

The police, Kannamoola councillor Kumari Padmanabhan, and the Corporation Health Inspector reached the spot following the incident which led to slight tension in the area.

According to Ms. Padmanabhan, Kudumbasree activists of Clean Well units had stopped collecting garbage from the colony after some residents stopped paying their monthly fee.

“The residents then began dumping garbage in a vacant land near the colony, which has now become a punishable offence with the High Court order.

The residents protested because they did not know what to do with the garbage in the changed circumstances. We solved the issue. The Clean Well units will continue to collect garbage from the colony,” she said.