The red beacon light atop the Mayor’s car was removed on Wednesday in accordance with a State government notification issued in 2012 that specifies the list of dignitaries who can have such a light on their cars.

City Corporation sources said a blue beacon light, which is allowed as per the notification, will be placed on top of the car soon.

The notification, which comes under Rule 108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, says the red beacon lights can be used only by the Governor, Chief Minister, Speaker, Chief Justice and judges of the Kerala High Court, Ministers, Leader of the Opposition, Government Chief Whip, Deputy Speaker, Lok Ayukta and Upa Lok Ayukta, Chief Secretary, Vice-Chairman of the State Planning Board, Vice-Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal, and the Advocate-General.

A blue light with flash at the centre on top of the vehicle hood can be used by the members of the Kerala Public Service Commission, officers of the ranks of Additional Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary, Law Secretary, Vice-Chancellors, Mayors, and all police officers of and above the rank of Superintendent of Police in charge of the districts and law-and-order duties.