Lovers of serious cinema, who have converged in the State capital from all parts of the State and beyond, can take heart.

Papilio Buddha, the film which was denied certification by the regional office of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), is to be screened in the capital city on Wednesday.

According to Jayan Cherian, the U.S.-based director of the film, the Central Appellate Tribunal of the CBFC, has decided to certify the film for screening for adults (A certificate) provided the makers mute the mention of Mahatma Gandhi at two places and blur a scene in the movie which shows burning of Gandhiji in effigy by a group of activists. Emboldened by the appellate tribunal’s decision, the makers of the film have decided to hold a parallel private screening of the film somewhere close to the festival venues. Environmentalist Kallen Pokkudan, who plays the film’s protagonist, is likely to attend the screening. The regional office of the CBFC had refused to certify the film and the CBFC review committee had recommended some 40 cuts which, if effected, would have defaced the film, Mr. Cherian told The Hindu over phone from New York. The only Malayali on the tribunal was Tom Vadakkan, who supported the film, the film-maker said.