Health Department conducted raids across the district as part of ‘Safe Thiruvananthapuram’ programme

Special squads despatched by the Health Department conducted raids across the district as part of the ‘Safe Thiruvananthapuram’ programme and issued notices to 346 establishments out of the 1,120 inspected.

Hotels, cool bars, bakeries, catering centres, companies or factories, flour mills, and soda factories featured among the locations examined, a press release issued by District Medical Officer T. Peethambaran said in a press note on Saturday.

The raids were held from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. on Saturday by 86 teams comprising 10 medical officers, six district officers, 12 health supervisors, 68 health inspectors, 27 lady health inspectors, 209 junior health inspectors, 43 junior public health officers, 14 local body workers, and 25 others.

As many as 197 hotels, 31 cool bars, 73 bakeries, 10 catering centres, 15 factories, and 20 flour mills were issued notices. In addition, 124 places were found functioning without the necessary licences. Recommendations were made to take legal action against them. A hotel and a bakery were also shut down owing to the abysmal state of cleanliness.

Dr. Peethambaran also informed that such raids would continue to crack down on those establishments functioning in a manner that aided the spread of communicable diseases