Corporation Mayor K. Chandrika will convene a meeting to discuss the issues regarding the limiting of the number of animals slaughtered at the civic body's slaughterhouse at Kunnukuzhy, Deputy Mayor G. Happykumar has said.

Mr. Happykumar, who spoke to the slaughtering and skinning workers, and Corporation officials at the facility, said the civic body would have to come up with some ad hoc arrangement to dispose animal waste generated at the slaughterhouse without compromising on the public health aspect.

“There is a serious issue of space for land-filling the animal waste at the slaughterhouse. We had been land-filling waste for the past five months. It has reached saturation. Bringing down the number of animals slaughtered at the abattoir may encourage illegal slaughterhouses. We will have to deal with this issue,” he said.

The abattoir workers had met the Deputy Mayor to air their grievances. They had resorted to a flash strike on Monday in protest against the decision to limit the number of animals slaughtered. The Corporation's veterinary surgeon at the abattoir A.S. Bijulal, who was also present, explained that there was no other way to deal with the worsening waste disposal crisis at the facility.