The expert committee on the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple on Monday resolved to consult one or more international agencies on the technology to be used for constructing a micro-climate storage vault designed for long-term storage of the contents of the temple's underground vaults.

The nature of the contents in the vaults would not be made known to these agencies; only, suggestion would be sought on effecting improvements on the design approved by the committee. The temple authorities have already indicated to the committee the site for the construction of this vault.

Recently, the Supreme Court had cleared the committee's request for consulting an international agency on the construction of the vault. The committee also decided here that it would submit to the Supreme Court details, including an estimate, of the vault proposed to be constructed inside the temple.

The committee also decided that vault C and the other sealed vaults which may be opened for inventorying would be re-sealed every day after the documentation process is completed. The sealing would be done by two experts under the supervision of the committee and in the presence of the police officer in charge of the security of the temple. The next day the vault concerned would be unsealed in the presence of all these officials.

On Monday more than a 12 items from vault C were documented under the supervision of the expert committee. All the items so documented were made of gold. The inventorying would continue on Tuesday.