“I will ask my mother why she did not search for me,” says 16-year-old Suguna Diggi, with a tinge of sadness. But, it lasted only for a second and a wide grin spread across his face as he checked his backpack. After a year of waiting to know about the whereabouts of his family, he was finally taking the train back home.

Rescued by Childline -a 24-hour emergency service for children in distress, Suguna along with 11-year-old Sudheer and 14-year-old Anil Oraon will take a train to Jharkhand on Thursday night.

The children, who were found at the City Railway Station last year, will be accompanied by a staff member of Don Bosco Nivas , a shelter home for children. Their families were traced with the help of the Jharkhand Police. The children will be reunited with their families on November 25. Childline had received Suguna in a badly injured condition. He was admitted to hospital after informing the Child Welfare Committee. According to Suguna, he lost his way while travelling with his mother and met with an accident.

Sudheer had run away from his home at Simdega in Jharkhand due to ill treatment by his father. A staff of Childline found him at the Railway Station on July 21, 2011, and he was given shelter at the Don Bosco Nivas in the city. Fourteen-year-old Anil Oraon will return to his father who lives in Chattitand village in Latehar district in Jharkhand.

“The change that you see in them now is amazing .For months, Suguna was not in a state to reveal his village details but finally when we found that he came from Sonua village in West Sighbhum , Jharkhand, we contacted the local police. With the help of Samadhan, an organisation working to reunite lost children with their families, we traced their parents. We will hand over the children to the family at the agency,” said P.D. Thomas, Director of Don Bosco Nivas.

While Sudheer said he had attended Anganwadi school, Anil and Suguna had received no school education. However, Suguna is determined to continue his education when he returns home.

“Hum dost hai, (we are friends)”, said Suguna hugging Anil and Sudheer as they fondly said goodbye to the people around.