Protest against attack on driver on Thursday

Passengers were caught unawares on Bakrid day on Friday when private bus employees boycotted work without notice to protest against the attack on one of their colleagues on Thursday. Following the flash strike, more than 110 private buses in the district remained off road.

The unexpected lack of transport inconvenienced many people on the festival day. A police investigation revealed early on Friday that personal animosity between two private bus drivers, fuelled by a road rage-spurred fight between them at Kowdiar earlier this week, had resulted in the attack.

A pair of helmet-clad masked men had stopped the bus driven by one Suresh Shiju on the Peroorkada-Mannammoola road on Thursday and banged him on the head with a de-husked coconut.

Circle Inspector, Peroorkada, R. Pratapan, who investigated the incident said that Shiju had picked up a fight with one Ratheesh, driver of another bus, near Kowdiar a few days ago. He said Ratheesh, who has been arrested, mustered the services of a neighbour of his at Harveypuram colony, to assault Shiju. Mr. Pratapan said the incident was no underworld-related violence but a simple fight between two. Ratheesh was produced before the court and remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.