Residents in the Easwara Vilasam Road area in the city now have access to speedier emergency assistance.

On Tuesday, the neighbourhood became part of a technology-supported network designed to ensure the safety and security of the people.

Transport Minister V.S. Sivakumar inaugurated the service named ‘In an Emergency' (InE) that is developed by the Technopark-based Rain Concert Technologies, in collaboration with Eram Scientific Solutions.

The system uses wireless and mobile-phone technologies, coupled with a core team of dedicated and trained personnel, to offer security and medical emergency support round the clock. It has provisions for a subscriber to contact security officers, neighbours, relatives, or friends by sending alerts to preset numbers on mobile phones. The InE solution also offers a 24/7 surveillance system for houses, roads, colonies, and streets using night vision cameras and motion sensors.

InE security officials are deployed on two-wheelers to be available on the spot within five minutes of receiving an alert. They are equipped with modern GPS and GPRS-enabled phones. The location of the security personnel can be tracked with the help of satellite signals. The security personnel are trained in soft skills and handling medical emergencies.

InE is offering a safety-cum-insurance package for subscribers.

The city police have approved the security system as part of their Janamaithri neighbourhood protection scheme.