Winding pathways and uneven stretches inside the city zoo will no more stop the elderly and the physically challenged from enjoying the taste of raw nature that the place offers.

With the zoo getting battery-operated vehicles, the tour of the place will not just be fun-filled but comfortable too, unlike the bumpy wheelchair ride offered to people who find it difficult to cover the uneven terrain over foot.

Minister for Tourism A.P. Anil Kumar inaugurated the new battery-operated eight-seater vehicle here at the Zoo on Tuesday. Speaking at the function, the Minister said more such vehicles would be purchased to meet the demands.

Corporation Councillor Leelamma Issac bought the first ticket for a ride on the vehicle. The ticket rate per person is Rs.50.

But children, elders and physically challenged visitors could get a discount on the tickets.

The zoo will have four of these vehicles by the end of this month, two of them will be 16-seaters and the other two, eight-seaters. A ride will cover the entire 36 acres of the Zoo.

The battery-operated transport vehicle was test-driven inside the city zoo by Mr. Kumar himself in September before, and on Tuesday, it was Minister for Zoo P.K. Jayalakshmi’s turn to ride the noise-free, pollution-free vehicle, which can cover 110 km at maximum speed of 55 kilometer per hour.

She also inaugurated the new Children’s Activity Centre here, which will have a 3D animation theatre and a children’s library.

Landscaping and other beautification in and around the centre will be completed by the end of the month.