Sessions to be handled by lesser known artistes

In his message for this year’s World Theatre Day, which is celebrated on March 27 every year, South African playwright Brett Bailey advocates open-hearted collaboration to fight the influence of hegemonic orders that try to convince people that one nation, one race, one gender, one sexual preference, one religion, one ideology, and one cultural framework is superior to all others. Keeping with this spirit, two city-based theatre groups, Sanwitch theatres and artfaktory, will jointly organise a theatre workshop at Bharat Bhavan in Thycaud on Thursday.

The workshop, the organisers say, is open to anyone who likes to write, act, direct, be a part of the theatre movement, or just wants to be a better viewer. “There are many who want to be part of a lively theatre experience, but are somehow prevented from it. It is an opportunity for those who love theatre to come together, share their experiences, and collaborate in myriad ways,” says actor Krishnan Balakrishnan, of artfaktory.


The day-long workshop, stretching from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., is unstructured in that there is no formal inauguration or closing ceremony. They are still not sure whether the workshop will result in a play that can be performed later in the evening. It all depends on how the camaraderie between the participants develops through the day.

“The various sessions at the workshops will be handled by lesser known artistes. That way, the baggage that the big names carry, which could divert the workshop towards a specific direction, can be avoided. The only thing that we expect from the participants is that they should be ready to stay through the entire workshop. We are not taking any registration fee,” says Mr. Balakrishnan.

Among those confirmed to be taking different sessions through the day are Sreekumar, a member of ‘Trivandrum mimers,’ one of the first mime groups in the city that was active in the mid-1990s; Derek John, a theatre personality from the U.S.; and Charu from Kalamandalam. Charu is expected to take a session on Natyashasthram. Mr. Balakrishnan and Shaym Reji of Sanwitch Theatres will also pitch in with their ideas and experiences. ‘100 degree Celsius,’ a music band, will also be a part of the workshop. Details at ph: 9447104022.