Right-thinking people in society must take proactive steps to rid it off all ills, speakers at a meeting of ‘Shanthi Samithi’ a collective of peace lovers here on Wednesday emphasised.

In his address the Latin Archbishop Soosaipakiam stressed the need for members of the Shanthi Samthi to take up various social causes in order to spread awareness about various problems that plague society. He said he was very happy that persons professing different religions and those with diverse ideological beliefs had shown the large heartedness to come together for such a meeting.

Renowned poet and social activist, B. Sugathakumari, spoke of the need for Samithi members to focus on various socio-economic and cultural issues so that the coming generations can lead as good a life as the members themselves have. Environment-related issues would pose the greatest challenge in the coming years, she pointed out.

Freedom fighter and Gandhian P Gopinathan Nair, in his address, said that there were individuals in Kerala who were capable of solving all the problems of the State. However there is no initiative to bring together such people so that they can work as one. Members of the Shanthi Samithi should strive to provide that uniting force so that revolutionary changes can be brought about in the State, he added.