In a rare get-together, four former Vice Chancellors of Kerala University came on the same stage, sharing their experiences and views on how the university and the education sector in the State were and where it should be.

The get-together was part of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the university, titled ‘Ormakkoodaram,’ and brought together retired staff of the university at the grand old Senate Hall.

Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor K.M. Abraham, who also unveiled a portrait of his immediate predecessor A. Jayakrishnan, the event had former men at the university’s helm — G. Balamohan Thampi, J.V. Vilanilam, M.K. Ramachandran Nair, and Mr. Jayakrishnan — all on the stage while the audience comprised a large number of former employees.

Mr. Thampi, who said the Vice Chancellor post was perhaps the highest achievement for a teacher, stated that both private and public sectors were essential for the education sector as long as the aim of both were betterment of the society.

Mr. Vilanilam, said the credit and semester system was introduced with high hopes and was aimed at ensuring a committed approach from both teachers and students. He said an honest approach was required for the success of the system.

No discimination

Teachers should not discriminate between their students, he said, and citing the ‘Seven Mortal Sins’ of Mahatma Gandhi, went on to say that there was a slight concern whether the current educational system was heading in the right direction. It had to be doubted whether the competition between colleges had anything to do with the high success rates being claimed by many, he said.

A healthy competition was good, but it should not reach a stage where unethical practices had to be adopted to remain in the race, he added.

Mr. Nair said the staff of Kerala University were always ahead of others in matters of efficiency and sincerity. Mr. Jayakrishnan said a majority of those leading the Indian economy forward were those educated in the State’s universities.

Registrar K. Mohammed Basheer, Syndicate member R.S. Sashikumar, and platinum jubilee celebration committee special officer P. Raghavan were present.