50,000 households expected to benefit

Two water supply projects, which were initiated 15 years ago, have finally got a semblance of progress.

Trial pumping for the Kallara-Pangode and the Panavoor-Pullampara-Vembayam water supply schemes began on Tuesday with the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) providing power supply to the projects, which will have a 10 million-litres-a-day (MLD) water treatment plant at Thengumkode in Kallara panchayat and a pump house at Aruvippuram. Initiated in 1998, these projects are expected to be commissioned later this month once the trials are over, KWA officials said.

Over 50,000 households in the five panchayats are expected to benefit from these schemes, which were held up due to various reasons and finally got moving after being revived under the Centre’s Accelerated Rural Water Supply Scheme (ARWSS).

Though work is yet to be awarded for a portion of the distribution zone under these schemes, it is expected to be done soon and the work to be completed in six months. This, according to officials, means water supply as part of these schemes will be in full steam in another six months.

Other projects

In the meanwhile, work on the ARWSS to Kazhakuttam and Menamkulam villages too is nearing completion. The project, which will have an 11-MLD water treatment plant at Velancode and source of water at Ayilamkadavu, is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The project will see water from the Velancode plant going to a pump-house at Kaliyikka and to overhead reservoirs at Kadinamkulam and Ullumalakunnu.

People from panchayats, including Kadinamkulam, Melthonnackal, Kazhakuttam, and parts of Menamkulam will benefit from the scheme.