The mythological tableaux and cultural troupes, which took part in the Paryaya procession, added colour to the festival here on Saturday. People, who had turned out in large numbers, seemed impressed by the display.

As many as 17 tableaux participated in the procession. The tableaux were: “Babruvahana”, “Rama-Lakshmana being carried by Hanuman”, “Ashtasura Vadhe by Sri Krishna”, “Rajasimha”, “Kaniyoor Math”, “Madhwacharya with Lord Krishna”, “Pajaka Durga with Parashurama”, “Madhwacharya with Kakra Shetty”, “Vigraha”, “Vasudeva’s Avataras”, “Pandit Trivikramachara and Sri Vadiraja in Pancha Vrindavana”, “Sanjeevini mountain”, “Vali Dhundhubhi”, “Bhakta Prahlada”, “Somana Kunitha” and “Huli Vesha”.

As many as 28 cultural troupes participated in the procession. They included “Chande”, “Dolu”, “Nasik Band”, “Keelu Kudre”, “Karaga Nritya”, “Navilu Kunitha”, “Hasya Gombe”, “Dodda Gombe”, “Pooja Kunitha”, “Dollu Kunitha”, “Panchavadya”, “Devara Kunitha”, “Shanka and Gante”, “Thaleem”, “Marakalu”, and “Yakshagana Kunitha”.

A large number of people had lined up on either side of the roads through which the procession passed. The Paryaya procession began at Joddu Katte, passed through the Taluk Office Road, Diana Circle, Old Post Office Road, Ideal Circle, Tenkapete and culminated at the Car Street.

Packed to capacity

The beautifully decorated stage in the style of a temple façade for the Paryaya Durbar function at Rajangana was another major attraction. The Rajangana hall was packed to capacity for the Durbar function and the organisers had to struggle to accommodate people there.

Sugunendra Tirtha Swami of Puttige Math and Vishwapriya Tirtha Swami of Admar Math did not participate in the Durbar function.

Cultural programmes

Cultural and other programmes were held throughout Friday night and early hours of Saturday in different parts of city, attracting a large number of people.

The beautifully decorated Kaniyoor Math and Sri Krishna Math/Temple were the centres of attraction on Friday night. Both these buildings were illuminated with decorative lighting. Many people were capturing these tastefully decorated structures on their cameras and mobile phones.

The cut-outs of Lord Krishna and Vidyavallabha Tirtha in a seated position at the Car Street, were yet another highlight.


Vidyavallabha Tirtha ascends Paryaya PeethaJanuary 19, 2014

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