Corporation Commissioner says instructions have been given to mark the speed-breakers

Three days ago, a motorcyclist on Warehouse Road-Mannagudda Main Road stretch had to apply brakes suddenly as he could not spot the unmarked road-hump at night. The person riding pillion banged his nose against the helmet of the rider and got injured.

This is just one among the many accidents that Damodar Shetty, a resident of Warehouse Road, has noticed near the Warehouse Road – Mannagudda Main Road junction, a few yards from the official residence of the Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner.

“There have been several accidents causing injuries to many people. But officials are yet to take any action,” Mr. Shetty said. Mr. Shetty said the speed-breaker was laid on the Warehouse Road after the death of a 20-year-old mechanic near the junction a few years ago.

This is just one of the several unmarked speed-breakers in Mangalore. For instance, on Mahatma Gandhi Road, easily one of the prime commercial localities, there are several unmarked speed-breakers. “We somehow manage to control our vehicle,” autorickshaw driver B. Gopal said. “But it is the two-wheeler riders who are affected the most. There have been several instances of motorists getting injured here,” he said. Not long ago, an elderly man riding a scooter had to admit his wife to a hospital when he lost control over his vehicle after jumping a speed-breaker near Mangaladevi temple.

Sunder Shenoy, a resident of Mannagudda, said it was important to have sufficient signboards and markings to caution motorists near busy road junctions, especially the Warehouse Road–Mannagudda Main Road junction. “There are markings on the road humps near Police Commissioner's house, while no such steps have been taken up at this junction which is quite busy,” Mr. Shenoy said.

Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner Harish Kumar said directions had been given to the Executive Engineer to mark the speed-breakers on the interior roads. “We had made survey of the humps that need to be marked before the Youth Festival. Not all road humps have been marked,” he said.

Commissioner of Police Seemant Kumar Singh said steps would be taken to bring the issue to the notice of the corporation.