Minister in-charge of Dakshina Kannada B. Ramanath Rai said here on Thursday that converting solid waste into manure at the compost plant instead of dumping the waste in the open dumping yard at Pachchanady is the best method of handling waste.

He conducted a meeting to address some problems which have arisen after Mangalore City Corporation stopped dumping the waste at the yard and started dumping it at the roofed compost plant yard a month ago.

Addressing presspersons after the meeting, the minister said that the old system of dumping the waste at the open dumping yard at Pachchanady could not be continued. Some residents were demanding it stating that the waste dumped at the roofed compost plant yard and the leachate emanated foul smell. But if the old system was continued, the civic body required more land for dumping the waste in future.

The Minister said that the Deputy Commissioner N. Prakash, who is also the administrator of the corporation, would visit Pachchanady in a week to find out a remedy to reduce the foul smell.

The corporation has begun planting 4,000 saplings on the periphery of this 94-acre land compost plant in three rows to reduce the smell. In addition bio-enzymes were being sprayed on the waste dumped in the compost plant yard. The minister said that the yard was getting between 250 tonnes and 300 tonnes of waste daily.

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