Mangalore City Corporation has earmarked Rs. 34.17 crore for the second vented dam at Thumbe in the budget for 2013-14. The dam is expected to meet the drinking water needs of the city till 2026.

The budget has earmarked Rs. 17.95 crore for various development works, Rs. 14.25 crore for maintenance and repairs infrastructure, and Rs. 25 crore towards solid-waste management.

The corporation will spend Rs. 23.72 crore in 2013-14 for salaries of the staff as against Rs. 21.56 crore, which had been allocated in 2012-13.

Presenting a Rs. 6-lakh surplus budget, R. Shantha, Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Taxation and Finance, said at the Council meeting on Thursday that the corporation had spent Rs. 19.75 crore on the vented dam. The cost of the project was Rs. 75.50 crore.

She said the corporation expected to earn revenue of Rs. 257.66 crore while the total expenditure was estimated at Rs. 257.60 crore. A major part of the revenue would come from water tariff (Rs. 35 crore) and from the self-assessment of property tax scheme (Rs. 29 crore). The corporation expected to collect Rs. 15 crore as fees for door-to-door collection of solid waste.

The corporation expected to get Rs. 100 crore under the special grants announced by the Chief Minister. Ms. Shantha said the Government would be urged to release the sum in one instalment . Of the Rs. 100 crore promised to be released this financial year, only Rs. 15.44 crore had been released and the remaining Rs. 84.56 crore was expected to be released in 2013-14. The corporation would seek Rs. 3 crore from the government for computerising its set up.

Bridge at Jeppu

During the discussion that followed, the former Mayor Shankar Bhat and BJP councillor Ravindra Kumar expressed the need for the allocation of funds for a bridge at Jeppu Kutpady. Mayor Gulzaar Banu said Rs. 3 crore would be allocated for the work. Congress councillor Deepak Poojary expressed his displeasure over the non-allocation of funds for laying pavement.

The delay in releasing funds under the II phase of Rs. 100-crore Chief Minister’s Grant had slowed down many development works in the city. Councillor James said there was no allocation for the construction of the new bus stand at Pumpwell junction.

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