The Jan Chetana Yatra of the veteran leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party L.K. Advani against corruption appears to have evoked a mixed reaction among the people. While many feel that the star campaigner of the BJP should first set his own house in order, something that the issues raised by him are relevant.

Janardhan P, a businessman: “We cannot expect this BJP government to root out corruption and provide clean administration. The money spent on conducting this yatra could have been used for development works . If it had been done here, elderly people like me could have walked easily on the pavement without worrying about the possibility of falling down in the drain that is uncovered.”

Shamala Das, a retired teacher: It is difficult to believe Mr. Advani as he has not ensured that the party he represents has acted against corruption. When their house is not clean, how can he talk about rooting out corruption? Unlike in the past, people with upright values are a minority in the present day politics.

Gaurav Singh, a public sector undertaking employee: If Mr. Advani was so worried of corruption, he should have openly supported Anna Hazare's demand for the Lokpal. The action of Mr. Advani and of his party does not reflect the intent to fight corruption. This yatra is being undertaken to build the vote bank.

Channappa Gowda, an autorickshaw driver: I support the issue Mr. Advani has raised. Corruption has made rich richer while the poor have been pushed to penury. I do not know how Mr. Advani will be able to root out corruption and ensure clean administration.

Prakash Bhat, an activist: This yatra is nothing but an event to get publicity. With allegations of corruption, the BJP has lost the face to speak about corruption by Congress men.

The BJP is just trying to regain the image which is eroding at a fast rate.

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