Though difficult for some, drawing is an important aspect for students in class 10 in their preparation for the public examination. Educationalist Suresh Kulkarni made it simple for students by giving tips on how to draw some basic diagrams with ease and speed. “You can present the drawing of a bird, a frog or a fish in less than a minute,” said Mr. Kulkarni, who has been a teacher for more than four decades and also a member of the Karnataka Text Book Society. Participating in a programme organised by Ramakrishna Math, he said, “If you know to draw the Kannada letter ‘gi’ you have done 80 per cent of drawing a bird.” He demonstrated it on the blackboard making students realise what an easy job it is. To the letter ‘gi’ he drew the beak, eyes, wings, legs and a branch on which the bird sits. “This is enough to get four marks.”

Mr. Kulkarni then went on to simplify drawing a flower, frog, rat, swan and fish. “Learn to practice drawing. Do not leave it for last minute,” said Mr. Kulkarni, who also stressed on labelling the diagrams in a horizontal way. “This would help the examiners appreciate the drawing better,” he said.

Mr. Kulkarni was the main speaker at a programme to help class 10 students prepare for public examinations, which will start from March 28. Students from Canara High School, Ganapati Kannada and English Medium Schools, Besant Kannada and English Medium Schools and Madhusudhan Kushe School participated in the programme.

Mr. Kulkarni kept students engaged for five long hours in two sessions by presenting different concepts. Mr. Kulkarni had tips for students to make better use of time during lunch breaks in the school. “You can discuss with your classmates about lessons learnt during earlier half of the day,” he said.