While students of pre university courses (PUC) in the city are waiting anxiously for the results of their examinations, which they wrote in March, college principals say there is no cause for worry.

The students had expected the results to be announced on May 3 but when that did not happen, the uncertainty around the result day is “confusing” them, a student said.

Shivani, a student of St. Aloysius P.U. College, who got busy with writing the Common Entrance Test (CET) soon after writing the P.U. examinations, said that she and her friends were worried about the delay in the announcement of the P.U. results. She said her friends were unclear about the date of announcement. She was keen on knowing the results as she had to make a career choice based on the P.U. marks. “Depending on that (PUC) marks and CET, I am planning to go for medicine or engineering,” she said.

Hamsitha, a student of St.Agnes P.U. College, “The delay is a little annoying. You have to keep waiting for the results.” She said one of her friends is waiting in Mangalore only for the results before she relocates to Kanpur.

Shreya, a student of Besant National Pre-University College, said that her batchmates’ admission to other colleges depended on the marks they had scored in P.U. As soon as the subject of the announcing of the P.U. results was broached, she said, “Sixth right? All my friends, they are saying (the results will be announced) around sixth.”

Principals of various P.U. Colleges said the anxiety of the students was over the delay in the announcement and did not have any bearing on their future studies. They also said that the delay in the announcement was anticipated. M. Sathish Bhat, Principal, Sri Ramakunjeshwara, P.U. College, Ramakunja said students are anxious because they thought the results would be announced on May 3. But there is no effect on their careers merely due to the delay in the results.”

No problem

Prabha Kamath, Principal, Canara P.U. College, said, “Science students are busy with CET and the delay is no problem at all. The delay was expected also because of elections.”

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