Air India to return the items to next of kin

Air India will hand over personal articles of the passengers on board the Air India Express IX 812 flight from Dubai that crashed here on May 22 to the survivors and family members of those who died.

An Air India press release here said that Kenyon International, a U.S.-based international disaster management agency hired by it, had sifted through the items retrieved from the crash site, disinfected, cleaned, arranged and sorted them.

Of these, articles belonging to 46 passengers have been identified either with the help of available documentary evidence or the names inscribed on some of them. All the items identified formed part of the cabin baggage.

None of the checked-in baggage was recovered as they had been completely destroyed.

The time and place for handing over the articles will be intimated individually to the relatives by the airline management. The rightful claimants will be deemed to be the individuals who have collected the interim relief given by the airline.

In case of multiple claimants, the articles will be handed over to only one claimant who should produce a no-objection letter from the others. In case of disputes, the airline will reserve the right to retain the articles, which will be then handled according to civil procedure.

The unidentified items have also been photographed and documented for later identification. This process will take some time and the airline management will take a final decision on the disposal of the unidentified items after consulting the civil authorities, the press release said.

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