The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court has dismissed a writ petition from a student, seeking revaluation of the Chemistry and Biology papers after the Joint Director (JD) of Examinations said the answer papers were revaluated more than twice by different sets of examiners and the process of revaluation should reach finality at one stage.

Justice R. S. Ramanathan, who dismissed the petition agreed with the Director’s views that they could not repeatedly revalue the papers and that the student was not entitled for nay additional marks.

The court observed it was unfortunate that the petitioner was unable to secure admission for this year in MBBS. But the scope of judicial review is limited to find out whether the process of decision making is fair and reasonable and “this court cannot sit on appeal and analyse the decision taken by the authorities,” he said.

The Petitioner, a Backward Class student did not get admission as his cut off marks was 189.5 against the required 194.75.

When he applied for revaluation, the JD (Examination) issued revised mark statement increasing his mark in biology from 188 to 193. This his cut off mark increased to 192, which however was still not sufficient.

On his request to revalue the Chemistry Paper, the JD said there was no change in the marks as it has been revaluated.

The student then filed the present petition, seeking revaluation.

The Director, Examinations, said the JD had by mistake mentioned the subject as Computer Science instead of Chemistry. The Petitioner would be given two marks in Chemistry, taking the total of 190, apart from five given in biology.

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