CRME report provides guidelines to be followed for reducing mosquito menace through a logical action plan

A master plan for a mosquito-free Madurai has been prepared by the Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (CRME).

A 60-page report will be submitted to the Madurai Corporation in a couple of days and a detailed presentation made to the civic authorities for their understanding and subsequent implementation of the plan.

“Our report is based on extensive data collected from across the Corporation area. The entire landscape was studied in detail from the point of view of mosquito control mission and our master plan is easy to implement,” B. K. Tyagi, Director, CRME, told The Hindu here on Tuesday.

The master plan was prepared under the guidance of a scientific advisory committee which monitored the data collating process and finalised the report to eliminate mosquito breeding sources in an effective manner. “We took more time than expected to finalise the plan because the data had to be verified and rechecked for accuracy. Topography, climatic conditions, and ecological and biological aspects of mosquito breeding were observed scientifically by our scientists and entomologists. A meeting will be fixed with corporation officials to take the process to the next stage,” Dr. Tyagi said.

Mosquito breeding pattern, mosquito bites, water sources and drain systems in Madurai were studied in detail.

For the implementation of the CRME plan, various government departments will have to work in unison. “Those who are involved in mosquito control measures need to work in tandem. Our goal is to give a better look to Madurai from the public health perspective and reduce vector-borne diseases.” The report provides important guidelines to be followed for reducing mosquito menace through a ‘logical action plan.’

Dr. Tyagi said that the idea of preparing a master plan goes back to a meeting convened nearly two years ago by the then Chief Secretary to evolve ways for controlling mosquito-borne diseases. He had attended the meeting in Chennai in which it was decided that the CRME would come out with an effective plan of action to control mosquito menace in various towns and cities.

“To start with, we chose Madurai and after seeing the results it could be replicated in Chennai. Our centre has a package of ideas and solutions,” he added.

Madurai-based CRME is a premier laboratory of the Indian Council of Medical Research with distinguished research work in prevention and control of vector-borne diseases.

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