FIAN-India appeals to National Human Rights Commission

The Food First Information and Action Network-India (FIAN-India) has appealed to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to stop hearing of a petition filed by Members of Parliament from Kerala for “humanitarian intervention” to save the people of Idukki and adjoining districts, “who are likely to be affected if the Mullaperiyar dam breaches as apprehended.”

In a petition submitted to the NHRC, the president of FIAN-India, D. Gurusamy, claimed that under Section 12 (b) of the National Human Rights Protection Act the commission had no jurisdiction to intervene in any proceeding involving any allegation of violation of human rights pending before any court without approval of such court.

The NHRC posted the petition of Kerala MPs for hearing on December 5, Monday. Mr. Gurusamy said Mullaperiyar water case was pending before the Supreme Court for a long period and hence it was pertinent for the NHRC to get prior approval from the apex court to enquire the allegation of Kerala MPs.