A green initiative to alert motorists at junction of three roads

A first of its kind, solar-powered blinker lights have been installed around the Gandhi Memorial Museum and Rajaji Park intersection.

Traffic police officers said that the blinkers would help motorists to be cautious about the intersection ahead. Vehicles coming from Collector’s office side, from Tamukkum side and from Law College side would benefit from the blinkers, which would become functional from Thursday.

City Police Commissioner Sanjay Mathur had said that the police would examine every possibility that would help decongest traffic at periodic intervals and strive hard to give a happy motoring experience .

Though there are blinkers installed in as many as 10 locations in and around the city and on major highway intersections, the newly put up lights at Gandhi Museum area is unique since it works with solar back up, traffic police said and a philanthropist had donated the battery kit and other accessories, they added.


At a recent road safety meeting, Collector Anshul Mishra had insisted on road discipline among vehicle users and introduction of one-way traffic system that would help in better traffic management and also address the problem of manpower shortage in traffic wing.

Keeping this in mind, the one-way traffic on Alagarkoil Road-Ghokale Road seems to be getting acceptance from all road users. According to traffic police, the signals at Ghokale Road junction (near Tamukkum petrol bunk), the Tamukkum intersection and near Periyar statue have been removed with the introduction of one-way. Now, the police are deployed on critical locations to regulate traffic.

A recent data on road accidents suggested that after the one-way traffic system came into force on Alagarkoil Road, there have been no fatal accidents since last month till Wednesday (August 15), while there were at least two fatal and three non-fatal accidents prior to the introduction, the officer said and added that steps have been taken to check over-speeding and rash driving.


Like installing blinkers at major intersections, the pedestrians want the police to install “STOP” and “GO” signals at least at two points on the Alagarkoil Road and on Ghokale Road. For every three minute, 30 seconds could be earmarked exclusively for pedestrian crossing, as a majority of pedestrians find it tough now to cross from one end to another since many two-wheeler riders and others come at great speed.

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