Educationist, scholar, philanthropist, author and orator are some of the roles that late Radha Thiagarajan is remembered for.

“For every challenging role she took up, she would reinvent herself with grace and dignity. Each role was varied, diverse and intense,” says Uma Kannan, her daughter-in-law and Secretary of Thiagarajar College in the city.

“Remembering Radha Thiagarajan,” a biography penned by Ms.Kannan, documents the life and the achievements of the eminent woman who revolutionised education for women and the weaker sections of society.

Speaking about the experience of writing the biography on Sunday, she said Radha Thiagarajan’s life was a fascinating one.

“Through the biography, I’ve hoped to give the readers an insight into her vibrant personality and her life as a strong-willed achiever who contributed to society,” she said.

Late Radha Thiagarajan was the chairman emeritus of Thiagarajar College of Engineering and Thigarajar College at the time of her death on March 27 last year.

She was the first Vice-Chancellor of Alagappa University and was also instrumental in setting up Arulmigu Palaniandavar Women’s Polytechnic in Palani during her career as an educationist, spanning several decades. She was also the chairperson of Sri Dandayuthapaniswami Temple in Palani.

The 305-page biography has chapters which trace Radha Thiagarajan’s life and career as an educationist as well as a collection of photographs from her life. A few notable public speeches delivered by her as well as a synopsis of the many books she authored, accompany a selection of articles that she had written.

“Anecdotes, family stories, conversations with those who had been close to her as well as my own memories of her were what I have brought together,” the author said.

“I believe that her story not only provides an insight into her life but is an inspiration to many women,” she concluded.


People can contact the Principal of Thiagarajar College for copies of the book.

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