Sensitisation planned for officials, local body representatives

Even as the influx of fresh dengue cases is yet to show decline despite intensified operations to control the epidemic, the district administration has launched a month-long anti-dengue campaign across the district to completely wipe-out the disease.

After the outbreak was first witnessed in the western parts of the district such as Kadayanallur, Tenkasi, Kadayam, Paavoorchathram and other adjoining areas, officials of the Department of Health Services organised special medical camps and also anti-dengue operations mainly in the affected areas.

Since the disease has started spreading to other parts of the district also, Collector R. Selvaraj has drawn-up an extensive month-long anti-dengue campaign to be conducted.

According to the strategy that is being executed in every block of the district from Tuesday, each conservancy worker would be given the task of controlling Aedis aegypti, the mosquito spreading dengue, in 100 houses by pouring the larvicide in the containers and tanks having water to destroy the eggs and larvae and also take up fogging operations to kill adult mosquitoes once in six days as the larva comes out of the egg once in seven days.

“The houses should remain closed for about 30 minutes after the fogging operation to kill the mosquitoes completely. Apart from the local body representatives, every resident should cooperate with the health department officials and the conservancy workers involved in the anti-dengue operations so that eliminating dengue would be easier,” said K.A. Meera Maideen, Deputy Director (Health Services).

No vaccine

Since there is no vaccine available to prevent dengue, doctors urge the public to use mosquito repellents such as liquid or cream during the day to ward off the dangerous fever.

“The nap during the day should be strictly within the mosquito net since adult mosquitoes spreading dengue would be living only within the house,” prescribes Dr. Meera Maideen.

Meanwhile, Dr. Selvaraj has made elaborate arrangements for conducting a sensitisation programme on dengue for the local body representatives and officials of every block to make the month-long anti-dengue campaign more effective and successful.

On the invitation of Dr. Selvaraj, four Deputy Directors from the Department of Health Services have been deputed to various parts of the district and equipment for fogging operations brought from other districts to complete the anti-dengue operations within the shortest possible time.

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