Work to be taken up in 13 water channels passing through Madurai

The municipal corporation has taken up a massive cleanup operation of 13 water channels passing through the city as part of its Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) mission.

Bushes, garbage and blockades are being cleared so as to enable rainwater to take its course without obstruction. On Saturday, a team led by Mayor V.V.Rajan Chellappa and Commissioner C.Kathiravan inspected Kiruthumal Nadhi in Virattipathu where the cleanup exercise was under way.

The first phase covers one channel from all the four zones of the corporation. Works are under way in Kiruthumal Nadhi, Avaniapuram channel, Panaiyur channel and Pudur channel.

According to City Engineer A. Mathuram, the corporation’s aim is to tap the rainwater fully and hence cleaning works in 13 channels, covering a total length of 59 km, was taken up on a war-footing. “The flood water will flow to the channel and the nearest tank if the bushes were removed. We are planning to complete the work in 15 days,” Mr. Mathuram told The Hindu after the clearing work on Friday.

The 13 water channels which are being cleaned up are: Kiruthamal, Avanipauram, Panaiyur, Pudur, Anuppanadi, Chinthamani, Chottathatti, Bibikulam, Managiri, Villapuram, Panthalakudi, Tallakulam and Thandalai.

A team of corporation officials inspected the removal of bushes and garbage in Avaniapuram channel in Kovalan Nagar area near Sundararajapuram market on Saturday.

Assistant Commissioner A. Devadoss said 70 workers, two tipper lorries, two tractors and JCB machines were deployed to clear the bushes in Avaniapuram channel.

Corporation authorities said RWH structures were in place for every 50 metres in all the channels.

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