"Cycling, walking and physical exercises are the best way to beat diabetes" said Sanjay Mathur, Commissioner of Police, Madurai

The growing prosperity of people has become a major cause for increasing diabetes cases in the country since it has changed the lifestyle and food habits, Sanjay Mathur, Commissioner of Police, Madurai, has said.

He opined that as the people’s income level had gone up with prosperity, their food intake too had gone up while the physical exercises which are a must to prevent/control diabetes had come down.

“Diabetes is a slow poison and silent killer. Unfortunately, people are not taking it seriously and what is very important is to eat right and not to eat plenty. We should be conscious of our eating habits,” he said while inaugurating a symposium ‘Diabetes Update-2012’ organised by Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre and Indian Medical Association Madurai Meenakshi Branch, here on Sunday.

Stating that diabetes is directly linked to one’s lifestyle, Mr. Mathur has said that cycling, walking and physical exercises are the best way to beat diabetes. “Since there are no symptoms, it is advised to go for check-up or else there will be adverse implications on body. Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, don’t overeat anything,” the city police chief has said.

S.Gurushankar, Vice-Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, has said that tackling of diabetes became a major challenge for healthcare system in India.

“Diabetes as a condition will lead to other complications such as renal failure or heart problems. We will have demand-supply challenge in view of rapid increase of diabetic patients in our country because we need more health facilities to treat them,” he said. The symposium had special sessions on various complications of diabetes.

V.N.Rajasekaran, Medical Director-Emeritus, S.Kumar, secretary, IMA Madurai Meenakshi Branch and C.R.Mahesh Babu, consultant, Department of Diabetology, Meenakshi Mission Hospital, were among those who addressed the delegates.

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