With the Vaigai dam fast reaching its full level following rains, a flood alert has been issued and people on the river banks have been asked to move to safer places.

The Vaigai flows through five districts.

The Vaigai Dam level on Monday was 69.19 feet against its full level of 71 feet with an inflow of 4074 cusecs and discharge of 6490 cusecs.

In a press release,District collector N Mathivanan said as a precautionary measure,PWD officials let out 4690 cusecs from the reservoir into the river, while 1800 cusecs was released for irrigation in the Periyar main channel. In addition to that, 60 cusecs was being discharged for supply of drinking water to the District.

The level in the Periyar Dam was at 134.50 Ft (Max 136 Ft) with inflow of 3492 cusecs and discharge of 1662 cusecs.

Rainfall recorded in the 24 hours ending 0830 hrs in MM.

Sothuparai 31,Uthamapalayam and Tekkadi 28 each, Chitampatti 24, Veerapandi and Kalandiri 16 each, Maruthanadhi and Gudalur 14 each, Periyar dam 18.2, Manjalar 17 and Madurai 10, officials said.