The Vadamalayan Hospitals opened a ‘Diabetic Foot Care Unit' here on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference, Pugalagiri Vadamalayan, Chairman and Managing Director, Vadamalayan Hospitals, said that the loss of leg to diabetes is avoidable and periodical check-up of foot is essential.

The exclusive unit will have diabetologist, general surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, vascular surgeon, plastic surgeon, dietician and others.

“A small wound on the leg can lead to amputation if a diabetic patient is not careful. Our hospital has established a comprehensive unit to focus on preventive care for diabetic foot,” Dr. Pugalagiri said.

J.Jeyasudahar Jesudasan, general surgeon and T. Ganesh, diabetologist, have stressed that regular check-up of foot is very important to avoid foot ulcer.

“Special instruments to handle diabetic foot cases are available in our hospital and there are many examples of diabetic patients who had successful treatment for wounds and amputation could be prevented in these cases,” said Dr. Jeyasudahar.

Dr.Ganesh said that people with diabetes will have to protect their legs or else it will lead to amputation. Diabetic foot care includes screening of diabetic neuropathy, providing proper footwear for diabetic patients, treatment for nail problems, surgical management of complicated diabetic foot and prevention of unnecessary amputations because of diabetes.

A. P. Kumaraguru, orthopaedician, who explained the various techniques in surgery to save legs, said that the Vadamalayan Hospitals has opened an exclusive unit for diabetic foot care because many diabetics were looking out for doctors.

According to a press note issued by the hospital, a leg is lost to diabetes for every 30 seconds and foot care is urgent in India as the country is known as diabetes capital of the world.

An estimated 15 per cent of diabetics will develop foot ulcers and many of them result in some form of amputation. All the related specialities were now formed under one umbrella at the Vadamalayan Hospitals.

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