‘Inattentiveness in class is the main reason for scoring low marks'

Class X students and teachers of a Corporation High School at Tallakulam here had a different experience on Tuesday as they listened to a lecture on how to score high marks without memorising textbook content.

Agasthya Bharathy, an advocate-turned-stress management trainer, delivered the lecture. According to him, every student can score good marks if he or she ensures total concentration in classes and if teachers make their students do so.

The teachers would find some students not sitting straight and looking at them, some others sitting indifferently, and some students munching something, he said. When the teacher turned towards the blackboard, a few students would talk to others, exchange pens and books, disturb the attentive ones, and make comments about the teacher, he noted.

Such students felt that they were forced to go to school. They always waited for an opportunity to stay out of the class, and they got angry when they were chided by their teachers, he pointed out.

“Those students’ physical presence in the class does not have much in connection with their mental presence. They can grasp only 20 to 25 per cent of what is taught in class and end up struggling to match the rest by mugging up during examinations. Worse is the case of adolescent students, falling under these categories, whose physical presence has no connection with their mental presence due to various reasons,” he added. He said students must always make eye contact with the teachers and follow carefully what was taught.

Initially, it would be difficult for a dull student to concentrate, but once a student ensures 100 per cent physical and mental presence, he would get attracted towards studies, he claimed.

“Whenever students get time, they should close their eyes for a few moments and tell themselves that they are born to win, to make history and they have the ability to reach great heights,” he added.

Mr.Bharathy, who recently brought out a Tamil book on parenting and motivating children, had been conducting such sessions for Government and Corporation school studentssince last year.