A ‘guest’ at a posh hotel in the city allegedly disappeared with two brand new laptops from a dealer under the pretext of purchasing them here on Sunday.

Police said that a middle aged person visited the showroom of a private dealer selling computers and laptops.

Following his request to bring two brand new laptops to the hotel, where his superior was staying, the dealer sent the goods through his staff. As they reached the hotel, the representative of the computer dealer was taken inside a room where the features of the product were demonstrated and tested.

Suddenly, the middle aged person claimed that he had to show the laptops to his superior who had checked-in at another room on the same floor and get approval for payment. Following his request, the dealer’s staff waited in that room itself.

Even after sometime, when there was no indicator of the middle aged person, the computer dealer’s staff inquired with the receptionist, who, in turn, pleaded ignorance and maintained that the room was booked in the name of Vishal from Mumbai and that the ‘guest’ had not checked out so far.

Realising that he had been duped, the staff left the hotel. Based on a complaint from G. Ashok Rajan (22), the Subramaniapuram police registered a case of cheating. Inquiries revealed that the accused had deposited Rs.2,000 extra with the hotel at the time of check-in. A hunt is on.

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