Even after Corporation Commissioner Ajay Yadav has warned that stray cattle wandering on the roads would be impounded and a few were already impounded recently, good number of domestic animals is still roaming around blocking vehicular traffic and causing frequent accidents.

Following complaints from the public, particularly the road-users, Mr. Ajay ordered the impounding of cattle on the roads and the corporation personnel impounded some animals as they were walking along the roads.

No fine still

Since no fine was imposed when the animals were freed following the appeal from those rearing the cattle, the problem still continues.

Against this backdrop, Mr. Ajay, in a statement, has warned that action would be taken against the owners of the cattle wandering on the roads.

He has also appealed to the public not to dump the plastic carry bags and sanitary napkins in the toilets which cause severe blocks in the drainage channels.

Instead, the waste can be put in the dustbins kept at various points across the city, he said.

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