KSEB’s proposal to replace the present telescopic tariff by the proposed non-telescopic tariff is faulty, anti-poor and pro-rich. If one is to go by the chart published in newspapers, the proposal is to charge Rs.3.50 per unit up to 120 units whereas presently it is lesser up to 80 units. The lower end is thereby burdened further. However, at the upper end there is relief. It is proposed to charge only Rs.4.50 per unit up to 200 units whereas presently there is a charge of Rs.5.20 per unit and Rs.6.50 per unit above 200 units. And currently there is a charge of Rs.7.50 per unit above 300 units. This is a typical case of taxing the poor to subsidise the rich so that they can use their ACs and fancy lights longer. The proposal needs to be rejigged by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission and ensure that lower-end consumers is given relief and the high-end consumers should be discouraged from indulging in mindless consumption.

- Christopher Antony, Moolamkuzhy

People residing at Thammanam have difficulty in reaching M.G. Road or Padma Junction. About 30 years ago, there was a bus service between Padma Junction and Thammanam via the railway gate. We thought that a regular bus service from Thammanam to Padma Junction would be introduced once the Pulleppady overbridge was opened. But no such bus service has been introduced by the authorities so far. Further, it is learnt that the Salim Rajan flyover will be inaugurated this month and we are expecting a regular bus service through Thammanam at least now. A share taxi system also may be operated from Thammanam to M.G. Road.

— K.P. Swamy, Thammanam.

A blood donation camp was organized jointly by Eroor Nedungapuzha Road Residents Association, Kopparambu Residents Association, Parambath Residents Association and Indian Medical Association on May Day. The camp was held at Kopparambu Community hall and 36 units of blood were donated.

—Rajagopal, President, Kopparambu Residents Association, Eroor.

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