The exhibition displays the immense possibilities of coir fibre.

An amazing world made of coir fibre is on display at the international coir tech expo at Marine Drive in the city. The items made of coir on show at the exhibition include bags, ornaments, baskets, pots, mats, mattresses, manure, bricks, and composite boards. Coir fibre made from coconut husk was earlier used only to make a limited range of products.

However, the exhibition displays the immense possibilities of the fibre. Coir pith, which was considered a waste material in the coir industry for years, can be seen in a new avatar — organic manure. Geotextiles, another product made from coir, has several applications in building roads . A special giant chess board made of coir and a coir house are a few of the main attractions. Handicrafts and a host of machines for spinning and weaving, used by the coir industry, are also on display.

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