Indian students have not experienced any problems in South Australia. The students faced problems in other parts of Australia, according to A.K. Tareen, Senior Trade Commissioner-India.

The State, on the south central part of Australia, is conducive for studies in many disciplines, including nanotechnology, management, engineering, medicine and information technology, he told The Hindu.

The senior South Australian official, who is on a tour to Tier-II cities to promote bilateral ties and trade, said there were many areas, which would be mutually beneficial. There were a few incidents in different parts of Australia in a span of about 8 months, he said, referring to the attacks on Indian students.

South Australia, with an Indian student population of about 7,000, was free from any such incidents.

The primary objective of the students should be to learn and not to work, though Australia permits students to work under specified conditions. One of the reasons behind the violence could be traced to the closure of several institutes where the education lacked quality. These were mainly in trades such as hairdressing and confectionery. South Australia has three reputed universities, including University of Adelaide, which has produced five Nobel laureates, Mr.Tareen said. The Flinders University was the first to offer nanotechnology as a course, according to him. Skilled manpower is much in demand in South Australia. Automobile ancillary units, hospitals and a host of other areas are open for the job-seekers. Workers would also be required for one of the biggest mines in the world, coming up in South Australia. There are government approved agencies to ensure that immigration goes through proper channel.

The visa applicants should keep off unscrupulous agencies, he said.

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