The Orthic Creative Centre yet again became a venue for artists to get together and discuss their work at the centre’s one-day art camp held on Wednesday.

Fourteen renowned artists converged at the Nanappa Art Gallery here to participate in the camp. The group of artists started off on their works right away, finding time to discuss ideas in between.

“Today’s camp is dedicated to the memory of C.N. Sreekantan Nair, renowned playwright and founder secretary of Kerala Kalapeetom, whose death anniversary falls on December 17. Paintings from the camp and other works will be exhibited at a show in the city on January 15 next year, in honour of artist K.C.S. Panicker,” said artist T. Kaladharan, founder of Orthic Creative Centre. Artists Namboodiri, Akkitham Narayanan, K.P. Soman, K.K. Rajappan, T. Kaladharan, C.S. Jayaram, Rajan Krishnan, Tom Vattakuzhy, Sasi K. Warrier, Bhagyanath C., Suresh Koothuparamb, Leon K.L., Jeevanlal, and D. Binuraj participated in the camp.

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