Nanotechnology has opened up new vistas, similar to those witnessed in the 1970s with the computers and the software technology, says Sejal Shah, a research scientist in the field.

The developing countries are yet to explore the opportunities in the field, Ms. Shah who has had done research in nanotech applications, told The Hindu in an interview.

“The technology has a lot of applications in the medical and healthcare industry in the form of novel drug delivery systems that are capable of delivering the drugs to the malignant cells only, without causing the healthy cells to come into contact with the medicine unnecessarily”, she said. It can also be employed in the manufacture of ‘biosensors' that can pre-detect the advancement of several diseases, according to her. She claims to have developed a ‘flower energy concept', based on nanotech principles.

There are numerous nanotechnology applications in the field of food industry to prevent the food articles like grains, fruits and vegetables from decaying by using nanosilver which has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. In the textile industry, the technology is used to make dirt-repelling clothes.

Drinking water

Nanofilters are used to control microbes in drinking water. Nanotech applications are used in making cement that forms stronger concrete, in making energy-efficient tools.

The technology has a high potential to grow; a lot has been left in this area to be discovered.

The scope of this technology in India is very bright and a number of companies have come up to embark upon the wonderful opportunity,” according to her.

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