The government will take steps to streamline procurement of copra and coconut under the price support scheme, Minister for Agriculture K. P. Mohan said here on Friday.

The government is offering prices of Rs. 5100 a quintal for milling copra, Rs. 5350 a quintal for ball copra and Rs. 1400 a quintal for coconut.

The Minister said that the Central agency NAFED had agreed to provide Rs. 40 a quintal additionally to cooperatives procuring copra and coconut following representation by the State government. This would include incidental charges of Rs. 25 a quintal and cost of gunny bags at Rs. 10 for every quintal besides increase in transportation charges.

Mr. Mohan said that the procurement agencies would be directed to accept copra and coconut from farmers on the basis of certificate issued by the local agriculture officer. The State level agencies had been asked to convene conferences at the district and regional level to streamline procurement. Coconut producers’ cooperative societies were to be involved actively in the process. Discussions would be held with the Coconut Development Board to expand their activities.