Vegetable prices are seen easing a little on account of improved arrivals but the prices of some of the vegetables that are in big demand continued to rule high.

The price of produce like vegetable cowpea has cooled off on the arrival of higher quantities in Aluva and Ernakulam markets. Price of cowpea, one of the favourite vegetables in Kerala, soared to Rs. 60 a kg immediately after the rains. Price has since cooled though initial field reports pointed to large-scale loss of crop during the heavy rain in June and July.

Prices of potatoes, drumsticks, ridge gourd, okra (bhindi), snake gourds and tomatoes were rather steady over the last two weeks and prevail more or less at last September’s price levels, show figures from Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council, Keralam.

Prices of items such as big and small onions, bitter gourd, ginger, green chilli, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower and French beans continued to costly in the retail market here.

The nendran variety of bananas were selling for Rs. 60 a kg in the retail market on Tuesday compared to the price of Rs. 38 a kg on September 3 last year.

The price of vegetable cowpea has eased to Rs. 44 a kg from the level of Rs. 60 in the retail market two weeks ago. The price of the produce last year was Rs. 36 a kg.

The price of bitter gourd has gone up to Rs. 54 a kg on Tuesday against the level of Rs. 20 a kg in last September. Ginger price continued to remain firm at Rs. 160 a kg in the retail market against last year’s level of Rs. 40.


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