They walk in with a pair of sad eyes and forlorn looks. An hour later most of them go out clear headed, some smiling through the prism of tears.

No, there is no magic wand flashed here. It is simple one-to-one-talk and patient lending of ear that takes the load off.

The youth find it easy to unwind and unburden themselves here. The Yuva centre at Niloufer Hospital offers a beacon of light to stressed out adolescents. Though a counselling centre is functioning here for quite some time, the refurbished centre is drawing more and more youngsters.

Informal setting

Tucked away in a corner of the emergency block, the Yuva centre comes as a breath of fresh air in a government hospital. It sports a youth-friendly ambience. The furniture is trendy – bean bag chairs, cushion settees and circular glass tables. The informal setting and the light purple hue of the walls help cool down the excited youth.

The three doctors and two counsellors have their hands full. Right from head aches to damsels in distress pleading for abortion – the problems are as varied as the complainants. It is mostly medical, social and emotional issues that the youth are bothered about.

“We listen to them carefully and show a way out. Most are stressed out and hearing them out solves the problem”, says Dr. P. Sudershan Reddy, Superintendent, Niloufer Hospital.

Opening up

There was this depressed girl - just 13 years and weighing 73 kg. A chat with her revealed that she was fond of fast food, led sedentary life and played no games. Now she is put on a right nutritious diet and exercise. Slow learners, youth with problems at home, girls with irregular menstrual cycles all make a beeline here.

Recently the Yuva centre had a tough time making a boy reveal his problem. After much persuasion, the embarrassed boy said he had breasts like a girl.

“Wherever necessary we suggest medical intervention and give counselling to the emotionally disturbed”, says Umadevi, a counsellor. The Yuva centre works from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven day a week.

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