A woman was gang-raped in Kushaiguda on city outskirts two days ago, after taking her to a secluded place in the guise of providing work.

A labourer, the 20-year-old married woman lives in Neredmet with her husband. Along with another woman, the victim went to the ‘labour adda’ –a place labourers are hired for work- on Monday.

A middle-aged man approached them and asked if they were willing to work at a function hall during the night since he was organizing a family function. When the women agreed, he told them to come to the same place in the night and he would pick up them.

The two women went to the junction. The person came on a scooter. He took them on the two-wheeler and dropped one of the women at DYR function hall at Yapral crossroads.

He asked her to go inside the function hall telling that he would take the second woman to bring some groceries. “He took the second woman on his scooter to a secluded place in Jawaharnagar where already two men were waiting,” the police said.

The three men violated the woman and left the place in the early hours of Saturday. The victim, somehow, managed to reach her house and lodged a complaint with the Kushaiguda police.

Special teams were formed to identify the accused but the investigators were clueless. The two women didn’t notice the scooter number. They told the police that they saw the person who met them at the junction for the first time.

Police are questioning the function hall workers to ascertain if any of them went to the junction to hire woman labourers and identify the accused.

The Cyberabad Police Commissioner Ch. Dwaraka Thirumala Rao reviewed progress into the investigation of the case and asked the senior officials to form special teams to nab the rapists.

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