Team of experts from Volvo Bus Company, Sweden, to arrive in ten days

A team of experts belonging to the Volvo Bus company is to arrive in India from Sweden to answer questions raised by the police about the recent accident involving one of its buses in Mahabubnagar district.

In a written reply to the questions asked by the investigators about the Volvo bus tragedy, in which 45 persons got charred to death, the company authorities said the team would be in India within 10 days, Wanaparthy DSP B. Srinivas Reddy said on Saturday.

“They said they would answer all queries pertaining to safety precautions and the material used in the bus body making,” the DSP said.

A booklet on the safety mechanisms incorporated in their company buses with minute details of seating arrangement and emergency doors was given to the police.

The investigators said the reports sent by the forensic experts confirmed that there were no explosive materials in the bus.

The blood sample collected from the arrested bus driver indicated that he was not under the influence of alcohol, they maintained.

Investigation into the bus tragedy was transferred to the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

Police said the bus driver and others would be prosecuted for failing to explain to the passengers as to where the hammers – meant for breaking windscreens in case of emergency — were kept.

They should have been explained how to use the emergency door and where the fire extinguishers were placed.

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